#165: AI Heist (Part Three)

A hologram computer is hovering in the air, with a microSD in it. The screeen reads "Processing... ✓ Reading microSD... ✓ Setting up AI... ✓ "Superintelligent AI" installed ✓" We see the computer is hovering in the air, and that there is an Apple logo on the back. "How may I please you?" it asks Cutie Pie, who says "YES! IT WORKS! Computer, we must calculate my return to power! But first...capture Max!" The computer, which has shifting static on its screen, says "My name's Eric, not "Computer"." "Whatever, Aaron. Go get Max!" says Cutie Pie. "As you wish..."master"." says Eric, then crashes through the window ZOOM.
< First Once you take over the world, you have unlimited window repair guys.

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