#163: AI Heist (Part One)

Max tells Fred, "Hey Fred, come check this out!" He taps a panel next to a door with a light above it. BZZT The door slides upward, the panel and light turning from red to green. FSSH They enter to see a hologram of a circle surrounded by complex patterns. "What is it?" asks Fred. "The world's most powerful AI!" says Max. "Sure hope it doesn't get stolen for malicious purposes." says Fred. CRASH YARGH! Cutie Pie, hanging from a bungee cord, drops through the ceiling, leaving a hole, plaster chunks scattering. Max and Fred are annoyed. Zoom in on Cutie Pie's hand as he takes a microSD 16GB card out of the hologram projector. An arrow pointing to the microSD card declares that it "Contains superintelligent AI". ZWIP Cutie Pie bungees up, grinning. The hologram machine is dark. "That was fast." says Fred. "I'm suprised. Most villains take the monitor too." says Max.
On December 12, 2035, a superintelligent AI was created. It decided to destroy mankind. Someone accidentally tripped over the cord and it shut down.

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