#160: How the Calendar was Made

Fred is talking to the months of the year, represented as hovering glowing blue spheres with eyes and similar-looking hands. "So we're gonna probably pay you each 30 days per year. Some of you will get extras. February, you'll only get 28-" "WHAT?!?" screams February. The tired Fred says, "Listen, this is going to be hard. We'll bump it up to 29 when we can. Jan, March, May, July, October, December- you can have the extras." "YAAAAY!" "I WANT ONE!!" says August. "August, we don't have enough for-" begins Fred. August turns purple and picks up the table, spilling drinks and scattering papers. "ARRGH!" he says. "OK, FINE!!" screams Fred. He stands on top of the overturned table, giving a dramatic speech. "Listen, guys. We don't have money. But we have PERSISTENCE. We can make this work if we COOPERATE. That means no more flipping tables. Remember what Alan Turing said -"They may have our horses, and our iPads, but they'll never take our freedom!" "YEAH!" scream most of the months. "wait, what?" says one.
They may take my money, or my cat, but they'll never take my teddy bear! BTW, Happy Pride Month!!! 🏳️‍🌈🥳

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