#259: Paying a Visit (Pt. 1)


Finally, I'm back to posting (kind of) regularly!

In case you need some recap, Life (god of life) is Alex and Max's great-great-great-grandfather. They inherited some demigodly powers from him, but Max is the only one who really made use of them. He worked hard for over a year and became a Celestial Manager to service the gods, and now he's teaching his brother how to use magic and his untapped powers.

Also, those mountains in the first panel are real. If you look closely at some recent comics, you might be able to pinpoint Margonsfield... 😉


  1. Anger is the power behind demigod powers?

    1. Not exactly. If you have divine ancestry, some magic powers (mostly unrelated to the god's field) are passed down to you. These very gradually degrade with each generation - becoming nearly undetectable within 25 to 30 generations, but there's so much variance anyway there's basically no difference between a son and great-great-great-grandson.

      You can learn to control your powers slowly, but before you can do this they are triggered by whims and emotion, like here for Alex. He's never used them before.

    2. The McJeannasons are the only demigod family, though. I might change how long powers degrade later.

    3. Are you sure they're the only demigod family? You never know, I may be a demigod