#243: Sacrifice (Part Four)


[Close-up of Max.] \n Max: Fine! I'll leave. But you haven't seen the last of me! \n [Fred talks to Max.] \n Fred: Well, yeah. You live next door. \n Max: Whatever. \n [Max draws an amulet from his pocket, a persimmon is engraved on it.] \n [The chain snaps.] \n SFX: SNAP \n [Max disappears in a flash of extremely bright magical light.] \n SFX: FOOM \n [Beatrice begins to disappear. Fred reaches for her. Her speech becomes blurred.] \n Beatrice: Fred, my grip on the mortal world is fading... \n Fred: Wait! But- \n Beatrice: You must remember to- \n [She disappears, becoming a point of light.] \n SFX: PING \n [Beat.] \n [Beatrice reappears.] \n Beatrice: Sorry about that. Bad connection. Remember to paint the east fence, it's peeling.
Stupid Glyphs written unto the universe by Time itself have a terrible upload speed. I can't even get Netflix on this thing.

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