#242: Sacrifice (Part Three)

[Fred slams his front door. Lightning outside.] \n SFX: SLAM \n [Max prepares a spell outside the door.] \n Max: heh heh heh \n [Spell grows stronger.] \n SFX: PWEEEEE \n [Door explodes. Beatrice shields Fred with magic.] \n SFX: BOOM \n [Max stands outside, looking through the huge hole.] \n Max: Here's Johnny! \n [Max and Beatrice in front of the McJeannason family tree.] \n Beatrice: Stay away from my nephew! \n Max: Oh yeah? How'll you stop me? \n [Beatrice zaps Max with life magic.] \n SFX: BZZT \n [Max prepares a spell.] \n Max: So you wanna fight? \n [Beatrice prepares a spell.] \n [Their spells connect in a flurry of electricity and fire.] \n SFX: CRACK \n [Max prepares a spell. (same time as 2 panels ago, not after last panel)] \n [Grandfather clock strikes midnight.] \n SFX: BONG \n [Max's spell shorts out.] \n SFX: FZZT \n [Max grins nervously.] \n Max: Oh. \n Max: Oops. \n [Max speaks to an annoyed Beatrice.] \n Max: Listen, I know I might've made a wrong decision in trying to kill your nephew. But if you would just consider- \n [Beatrice zaps Max.] \n SFX: ZAP
Happy Halloweeeen! 👻 (BTW, family tree doesn't show all family members yet, I was on a time crunch :P)

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