#90: The Box Returns (Part Seven)

A red lawn mower CRASHes through the wall. Everything except it is negative-colored. We see Alex, Max, and Spider-Fish hanging from the ceiling. RRRRR goes the lawn mower. "A lawn mower?" says Alex. "Hop on!" says Spider-Fish. They ride the lawn mower out of the hole in the wall, everything is colored back to normal. A cardboard box with smiley face gallops after them. "Look, it's our box!" says Max. The box hops on the mower's handle. "the end" is the caption. Then, Cutie Pie snaps his bonds off. "RGH!" he says. SNAP! "or is it?" is the caption.

Alex, Max, Spider-Fish, and their loyal box ride a lawn mower to freedom while Cutie Pie escapes his bonds.

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