#74: F-150

"Happy birthday, Gramps!" says Fred, handing Gramps a purple box with a black ribbon. "I got you a truck." says Fred. Gramps, ripping the wrapping paper away to reveal an Amazon box, says, "I'm a little old for toy trucks." "It's not a toy." says Fred. "Huh?" says Gramps. The box starts to shake. Fred says, "You might want to move." With a BEEP BEEP, a silver Ford F-150 comes crashing out of the box. "WAUGH!" says Gramps. We zoom out. The F-150 flies over Gramps's head and lands with a CRASH. The front wheel is lodged in the ground. "Well? Do you like it?" asks Fred. "Um..." says Gramps.

To Grandpo, Happy Birthday!

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