#252: On Trial (Part Five)


[Max's spirit leaves his body.] \n [Max's spirit rises more. A sparkling light grows behind Max.] \n Max: Huh? \n [Max turns towards the light.] \n [Close up on Max's hand reaching for the light.] \n [The background cracks around Life and Time as they appear.] \n Life: Hey there! \n Max: WAUGH \n [Life waves.] \n Max: Who...what are you? \n Time: i'm time, god of physics and order. this is life, god of life and chaos. \n Time: i'm a conscious fold in spacetime required to exist by reality. \n Time: he's a disembodied consciousness evolved from my requests of the universe. \n [Same scene. Life raises a finger.] \n Time: and together, we rule the universe! \n Life: *Our* part of the universe. \n Time: ...yes. \n [Same scene.] \n Time: point is, we take recently deceased progidies from around the world- \n Life: -And employ them as Managers of Celestia! \n [Max is offended and nervous.] \n Max: I-I'm not "recently deceased!" \n Time: psh. with that bite, you'll be dead in a femtosecond. \n Life: Quicker than a Dracula ant's jaw! \n Time: anyways, you're the brightest pupil we've seen in a millenium. probably ever! \n Time: except for an, though... \n Time: whaddya say? join the team? \n [Max thinks.] \n [Max crosses his arms with a smug and daring expression.] \n Max: If I'm the brightest you've seen in a millenium, maybe we can make a deal. \n Max: I'll join your team, and you revive me and bring me back to my mortal body. \n [Time and Max.] \n Time: it's traditional to get Managers only after they've died. \n Max: Well then, you'll have to find another. I can't leave my family. \n [Time.] \n Time: but... \n Time: you... \n Time: how... \n [Same scene.] \n Time: *argh*! why do we always pick such smart alecs to Manage the universe! \n Time: fine. life, charge him up. \n [Life hovers towards Max's body, electricity crackling along his hands. Max's spirit is next to him.] \n Life: Here goes. This might sting a little. \n Max: Wait, wha- \n [Max's body is covered in electric bolts originating from his heart, which has a heart glyph. Max's eyes are wide open and glowing.] \n SFX: BOOM

Being revived from the brink of death isn't bad enough without a little shock.

So a little of the gods' backstory here. Time was the first thing to exist along with the Energy, which is the matter of the whole universe and is represented as one of the Glyphs. He demanded a lot of stuff out of the Energy so he could create the stars, galaxies, etc.

Eventually the responsive part of the Energy (Life) evolved a consciousness and independence, and ran away. Time chased him down and they agreed to a truce, deciding to work together.

Soon the universe would not be theirs alone...


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    1. I guess so, my comics have a lot to do with ghosts and spirits and stuff

    2. Are you making a Halloween comic or is this it?

    3. I will hopefully post another comic or two before Pumpkin Night, but they will be a deescalation. I might have time to get a honest-to-goodness Halloween comic in though.

      If this comic turns out to be the Halloween comic, it's kind of ironic that it's set in Halloween 2020 though 😂