#239: Executive Order


[Fred looks at his phone.] \n Fred: Whoa, FDR issued over 3000 executive orders. \n [Enter Amanda, holding blue phone.] \n Amanda: Oh, FDR? Turns out he cheated a little bit. \n Fred: Hm? \n Amanda: Look at this... \n [Franklin D. Roosevelt sits at his desk in the Oval Office. A few papers are strewn across it, along with a bowl of soup.] \n CAPTION: 1933 \n Roosevelt: Hmm. My soup is cold. \n [FDR rips Executive Order 6148 off a notepad labeled EMERGENCIES ONLY.] \n SFX: RIP \n [FDR scribbles on the paper.] \n DESCRIPTION: Warm up soup \n DATE: May 28, 1933 \n SIGNATURE: Franklin Roosevelt \n [Roosevelt slides the paper into a slot labeled "EXECUTIVE ORDERS".] \n SFX: SLIDE \n [Henry A. Wallace stands next to the desk, Roosevelt resumes working on some papers.] \n Wallace: Um...you could learn to use our new intercom system. \n Roosevelt: Meh. I have better things to do. 
"You know these are public, right?"

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