#218: Rob Boss

[Fred is sitting on the couch. A TV remote and chip bag with chips are strewn across it. Amanda is standing next to him.] Amanda: Whatcha doing? Fred: Watching Rob Boss. [We see the TV screen. We see "Rob Boss", an angry figure with the signature afro of Bob Ross, but with stubble. He is holding a black painter's pallete made of glass with his initials on it.] Rob Boss: I'm ROB BOSS. And this is how you PAINT. The ONLY way to paint. All that other stuff is pure GARBAGE. [We zoom into the canvas, on which he is haphazardly splattering green paint with his two-inch brush.] Rob Boss: Now I'm gonna make an angry little tree here. SFX: SPLAT [We zoom out. The easel has a splatter of torn paper and green paint as a "tree" where Rob Boss has painted.] Rob Boss: Don't like it? DEAL WITH IT.
Ok, ready for your bravery test? *chuckles* *throws palette at canvas*