#204: Easily Offended

[Fred is standing next to Amanda holding a phone.] Phone: [Thumbs down] Fred: My social media posts keep offending people. Amanda: Try posting a cat video! Who could that offend? [Amanda holds up a tabby.] Fred: Hey, yeah! Can I borrow your cat? Amanda: Sure. Cat: MROWW [A screenshot of Facetweet. The post has a cat picture.] @fredjean: Cute kitty πŸ₯ΊπŸ± ???: This is a grim commentary on the role of pets in society... [Back to reality. Fred is throwing phone in the air.] Fred: AUGHHHHHHHH!
"This webcomic post waves away the gruesome fact that people are so easily manipulated by social media corporations... Read more (1204 words)"

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