#179: Grape Lover

Max, Elaine saying "Happy Birthday!", Fred saying "Thanks!", and Amanda saying "I brought grapes!" and carrying grapes are all at Fred's birthday party, which has balloons and a "HAPPY BDAY FRED" banner. But when Amanda announces she brought grapes, everyone except Fred (whose attention is immediately caught and eyes are wide) covers their mouths in shock. "...What?" says Amanda. "GRAAAPESSSS" says Fred, trembling and rising into the air. His eyes glow. "?!" says Amanda. "DUCK!" says Elaine, ducking. Max ducks as well. The room goes dark. YUM YUM YUM says Fred, his eyes like headlights, his mouth sucking up grapes from Amanda's bowl of grapes.
Inspired by my unstoppable love for grapes. #🍇 #grapes

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