#29: Pizza Dinner

Elaine and Fred are in the panel, and Elaine says "You have 99 cousins besides me and you invited them to the SAME PIZZA DINNER?!?" Fred explains he didn't want to leave out anyone. Later, Elaine is sitting between two of Fred's other cousins, one with long, straight unflexible hair and holding silverware while sticking his tongue out, and another whipping a napkin tied to a knife around and wearing huge glasses, and in front of her a snake saying hi. Fred then discovers and announces that there is only one pizza, much to the dismay of his cousins. He says he can fix it while the lady who was next to Elaine runs around screaming waving her napkin. There is a furious chop-chop-chop-chop-chop noise and plates with tiny, bite-size pizza slices come sliding into view, pushing the snake and shoving a bunch of stuff that was on the table (silverware, phones, napkins) into the lady with glasses' face.

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